Thursday, 5 April 2012

Five ways to wear Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are a trend many fashionistas love to wear. They´re a favorite piece for both fashion bloggers and stylish celebrities. Below are the ways to wear Colored Jeans.

Classy Look
 A perfect classic look that can be created by teaming red denim with black top.

Day Look
Yellow colored jeans with a loose top can be worn for a summer day look.

Night Look
For a night look you can team hot pink jeans with a sexy top and high pumps.

Semi Formal Look
The colored jeans can be teamed with a casual blazer to create a semi formal look.

Playful Flirty look
To create a playful flirty look, the colored denims can be paired with a sexy top and loads of accessories.


  1. Love the classy & flirty look <3 Now I surely have to get some colored jeans :)

    1. Yup..colored jeans are in vogue these days,,:)

  2. Great tips! Must try them! :)